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The mission and vision of Multiply Groups is simple. We exist to help students, campuses, and cities experience transformation. We believe that the best way to bring about this transformation is through a deep commitment to spiritual disciplines in community. Our groups commit to daily Scripture reading, prayer, personal holiness, and evangelism. Scripture reading and prayer are the fuel that propel us to pursue holiness and to share the gospel with others.


Before joining a group, my biggest challenge was actively spending time with God and being accountable for doing so. Due to this, I was spiritually starving and weak which began to take a toll on me emotionally. I just desperately felt this overwhelming need to find a strong Christian-based community.

Once I joined a group, I began to spend more time in the Word and felt more excited about growing in my relationship with God.

Since joining a Multiply Group, I have fallen in love with Jesus and getting to know God for who He is. Every time I read the Bible I’m learning something new about Him and how strong His love truly is. He is the Ultimate writer of a beautiful love story.

If you’re on the fence about joining, just do it. Initially, I was on the fence because Multiply lacks diversity, but they are actively working on this. Multiply leaders go to great lengths to make sure everyone feels welcome. Personally, I found my Multiply Group to be a safe space where I was able to grow closer to the Lord.

-Camille Womack
Senior at Samford University

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