Choosing Ministry Partners

As a ministry, we are committed to developing partnerships with ministries who have trusted leadership, alignment of vision and mission, opportunities for evangelism and long-term impact, and prioritize church engagement.

Trusted Leadership

We want to know the organization’s leadership team. They should be Christ-followers, competent, and committed to biblically-based leadership and ministry.

Alignment of Vision & Mission

We love to partner with ministers that have a strong discipleship focus and have similar beliefs with Multiply in the areas of theology, community, conflict resolution, and the like, in order that our goals in ministry will be aligned and Gospel-centered.

Opportunities for Evangelism & Long-Term Impact

We believe that God works in our hearts to grow us as we love and serve others. Therefore, we look for partners that have deployment opportunities for our group members to meet the people that we are serving, build relationships, and connect long term.  Through the development of these relationships there will be an opportunity to share the “why” behind the “what”, providing the gospel as an explanation for selfless action and service.

Church Engagement

We believe that God’s church is the primary means of transforming communities. We look for local church partnerships or organizations that have a focus on church engagement because of their knowledge and experience with communities other than our own.

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